Hi, I am Eren ­čĹő

I have been trying to be a good developer for 7 years.

a Full-Stack Developer and an Open Source Project Contributor.

About me

I am Eren,

A creative software developer who focuses to effective, better and faster solutions, interested about new technologies, cares about clean code and project structures, opens to new ideas and always ready to learn, improve and share.



Developed Projects


Years Experience

Full Stack Developer


Jan 2023 - Present


Politechnika Wrocławska

Bachelor of Engineering - BE - Electronic and Computer Engineering

Oct 2023

Mened┼╝erska Akademia Nauk Stosowanych w Warszawie

English Preparatory School

Oct 2022 - Jul 2023

L├╝leburgaz Lisesi

Oct 2017 - Jun 2021


Easy access to prisma client

The best fiber boilerplate

Fastify Yup Schema Validator

Share your last ideas, wishes, feelings .etc before new year.

An example template

GraphQL plugin for React Query.

Socket.io for fastify

Day─▒ Discord Bot Offical Web Page

A Bcrypt hash generator & checker for fastify

Nodemailer for Fastify

Personal Website

GitHub profile readme

Realtime Poll App

Frequently Asked Questions

I am specialized in various programming languages and technologies such as Go, JavaScript, HTML/CSS/SASS, PostgreSQL, and frameworks like React, React-Native, Vue, Fiber, Gin, gRPC etc.

Yes, I do. I have a few projects that I have developed for clients and my own. In addition, I'm planning to share the progress of my own projects on LinkedIn soon.

I adopt an approach focused on understanding requirements, breaking down complex problems into manageable tasks, and crafting effective solutions.

You can contact me through the contact form on my website or by sending an email to me@erenbalci.com. Additionally, you can connect with me on professional networks like LinkedIn.